Meditations 12:23

A given action that stops when it's supposed to is none the worse for stopping. Nor the person engaged in it either.

So too with the succession of actions we call "life." If it ends when it's supposed to, it's none the worse for that. And the person who comes to the end of the line has no cause for complaint. The time and stopping point are set by nature—our own nature, in some cases (death from old age); or nature as a whole, whose parts, shifting and changing, constantly renew the world, and keep it on schedule.

Nothing that benefits all things can be ugly or out of place.

The end of life is not an evil—it doesn't disgrace us. (Why should we be ashamed of an involuntary act that injures no one?). It's a good thing—scheduled by the world, promoting it, promoted by it.

This is how we become godlike—following God's path, and reason's goals.

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